Il matrimonio segreto replaces Il flauto magico

The new staging of Cimarosa's opera is by Pier Luigi Pizzi 

Change of program in the 2019-2020 Opera and Ballet Season.

Differing from what was announced, Il matrimonio segreto by Domenico Cimarosa and not Il flauto magico by Wolfgang Amadeus Mozart will be presented in January. Programs had already been printed, but then the production of Il flauto magico by Teatro Massimo Bellini in Catania was no longer available. Teatro Regio apologizes for this to those who have already purchased season passes and tickets, but as often happens, change becomes an opportunity and in this case, it really is a great opportunity for Teatro Regio's audience members to enjoy the absolute masterpiece by Cimarosa in the refined and contemporary staging by Pier Luigi Pizzi, which made its debut this past summer at the Valle d’Itria Festival, obtaining excellent feedback from the spectators and critics. Pizzi is the director and designed the scenery, and costumes; the dates remain unchanged: January 15, 17, 18, 22. and 24, 2020; shortly, the name of the conductor and the cast will be announced on the Teatro Regio's website and social media channels.

This production has been very well received, as the newspaper articles have shown: 
«The rich merchant Geronimo, his two daughters, and his sister live in a house that – as the millennials would say - is very stylish: architecture with clean lines, white as the basic color, designer furniture and objects, conceptual works by Fontana and Burri in a clever combination of colors, hung on the walls. Elegance and lightness are the key to this staging, which captures the suspended beauty of a masterpiece that exudes affection and joy of life, in a sound painting that is dense like an oil painting but more often is tempered with the liquid hues of a watercolor». (Fabio Larovere, Connessi all’opera).
«A perfect staging. The audience is attentive, becomes impassioned, smiles and – incredible to say –  laughs: in short, people are really amused. The merit goes to Bertati and even more so, to Cimarosa, without a doubt. But also, to a large extent, to Pier Luigi Pizzi, who returns the eighteenth-century creation to its dimension of comedy, albeit in music». (Lucio Tufano,
«Pizzi updates the opera in a playful and convincing way, without distorting it, making it tastefully contemporary. [...] All the deception of the affections is rendered by Pizzi in a very natural way, never parodic: we often laugh, even out loud, throughout a theatrical game that is always sparkling and coherent in its dramaturgical unfolding ... A marvelous rendition». (Mario Bianchi, Krapp’s Last Post). 

However, if you do not wish to take advantage of the opportunity to attend Il matrimonio segreto, we offer a refund for those who have purchased their ticket, which can be reimbursed exclusively at the Theater Box Office from Tuesday, September 17 until the date of the show previously purchased.  All those who wish to attend Il matrimonio segreto will only have to confirm their presence at the Ticket Office at the numbers 011.8815.241/242 or the e-mail address Instead, there is no reimbursement for the holders of the M or R subscription passes.
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