Teatro Regio reopening - May 2021

Information to the public

Tickets sale

Tickets purchase for La traviata (plays from 9 to 22 May) and for the Symphonic Concert conducted by Rani Calderon (29 May) will be exclusively online on our Theatre site starting from Monday 3 May at 10 am.

In compliance with the measures of the Coronavirus epidemic containment, only single and nominal seats will be on sale.

Box Office opening

The Box Office is open exclusively one hour before the shows, as assistance to the public and for information and not for tickets sale.


For information and assistance to the public you can call number 011.8815.241 from Tuesday to Friday from 10 to 12 am or send an e-mail.

Tickets price

La traviata € 100; Under 30: € 30.
Concert 29 May € 20 
There is a cost of commission of € 2,50 for online sale; this increase is not voucher deductible.

Voucher use

To buy these tickets, all vouchers issued for Teatro Regio shows and concerts cancelled for Covid-19 during Season 2019-2020, can be used.
The system will deduct the ticket price form the total voucher amount. 
The remainig amount could be used for other transactions until depletion credit, and in any case not later than expiry date written on the voucher under "Codice Voucher" (voucher code) and date of issue.
If voucher should have a lower amount than ticket, one shall integrate the difference with credit card.


For wheelchair users ticket price is € 30 including a seat for eventual companion.

Access to the Teatro Regio for wheelchair users is facilitated by a clearly marked route without obstacles. In the main hall there are spaces for 6 wheelchairs, which can be reached by lifts at the level of row 28. For any necessary assistance, please speak to the Theatre personnel.

Open Tickets

Open Ticket holders should contact the Box Office by e-mail writing in the subject "Open Ticket" or calling the number and during the hours abovementioned (please keep the ticket handy). 

Preventive measures anti Covid-19

The public in the hall must adhere strictly to all anti Covid-19 measures provided for Teatro Regio, such as the distancing, duty of mask even in the hall, temperature measurement at the entrance.

Read the policy [IT]

Cloackroom service

The cloackroom is not in operation and will not therefore be allowed the access to the Theatre with large objects such as backpack, helmets and non-foldable umbrellas.


The bar service is not in operation.

Theatre capacity

Following to the Decree-Law n. 52 of the 22 April 2021 (Reopening Decree) and in compliance with the policy anti Covid-19, the maximum capacity of Teatro Regio is settled in n. 500 seats.

Opening of the Theatre doors

One hour before the show.

Entrance notes

The public shall present to the staff the ticket in paper format or showing the relative screen on mobile phone.

Non portability of Season Tickets coupons

Tickets are valid exclusively on the date for which are issued; if unused, they are not refundable or transferable to other dates.

Cancellation of the show

In case of cancellation, the tickets will be reimbursed, excluding any fees, within the following seven days of date of cancelled show.

Modifications to the programme

Teatro Regio Management reserves the right to make changes to the programme that are necessary for technical or artistic reasons or for reasons of force majeure.


Teatro Regio Management reserves the right to make promotional offers during the scheduling.


La traviata includes surtitling in italian and english language.

Electronic equipment and cigarettes

In tha hall anche in the boxes it is forbidden to take pictures and to make audio-video recordings, mobile phones must be turned off. In all the areas of the Theatre it is banned the use of electronic cigarettes.

Access to the hall

When the show has started, the entrance to the hall is allowed only during the interval.