Membership list, bodies and statute of the Teatro Regio Torino Foundation

Veduta d'insieme frontale verso il palcoscenico della sala del Teatro Regio

In 1998, the Italian opera associations became, by act of Parliament, private-law foundations. This allows greater managerial dynamism, and above all, constitutes an incentive to find, in the areas of Italian business, industry, and finance, partners capable of participating in the life of the Theatre through investments of economic resources that increase productivity and improve the quality of the staging.

Within this section are explained the Membership List, the executive bodies and the Statute of the Teatro Regio Foundation of Torino.

In addition are published the information about charitable contributions.



Founding Members 


  Ministero della Cultura


Regione Piemonte


  Città di Torino


Fondazione Compagnia di SanPaolo


  Fondazione CRT


Associazione delle Fondazioni di origine bancaria del Piemonte


  Intesa Sanpaolo






Reale Mutua


Unione Industriali Torino


  Buono Lopera



Aziende Metropolitane Torinesi









Supporting Partners


Lavazza Amici del Regio


Participating Companies


Banca Patrimoni Sella & C.


Buzzi Unicem


Ecopack Torino Airport



President of the Foundation

Stefano Lo Russo
The mayor of the city of Turin


Head management

General Manager

Guido Mulè

Artistic Director

Sebastian F. Schwarz


Board of Auditors


Piergiorgio Della Ventura


Diego De Magistris
Massimo Broccio


The complete text in Italian of the Statute of the Teatro Regio of Torino Foundation, made up of the following articles:

  1. Constitution - Name - Seat - Duration
  2. Objectives - Activities
  3. Foundation competition
  4. Assets
  5. Bodies
  6. President and Vice President
  7. Board of Directors
  8. Board of Directors – Powers and Functioning
  9. The General Manager
  10. Board of Auditors
  11. Legal revision
  12. Final balance
  13. Budget
  14. State Attorney
  15. Dissolution

Download the complete text of the Statute [IT language]

Art Bonus

Pubblication of charitable contributions