Regio Card

Regio Card

Dedicated to our audience, gives the reduction of 10% on opera and concert tickets. The Card is on sale at € 15 on line and at the Box Office, starting from Thursday 6 July, for maximum two tickets per performance/concert.

Regio Card Young 18-35

If you were born between 1988 and 2005, join our community with the Regio Card Young, you will have exclusive offers staying up-to-date about the Theatre life and unmissable events.
Moreover you can purchase – 7 days before every opera performance – a ticket with a reduction of 50% on any sector (until sold out) and a ticket at the special price of € 10 for concerts.
If you are younger than 30, starting from 1 pm of the day before every opera, you can buy a "last minute" ticket at € 10.

Regio Card Young and tickets bought with it are non-transferable and strictly personal.

Regio Card Young is for sale at € 7 on line and at the Box Office, starting from Thursday 6 July and will expire at the end of Season 23-24.