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Amici del Regio


The Friends of the Regio Association [Associazione Amici del Regio], established in 2012, is made up of people who love art, culture and music and who want to dedicate their passion to supporting the Teatro Regio. The Friends of the Regio collect funds to contribute to specific initiatives, especially those intended for young people and for musical training, thus giving a new impulse to the activity of the Theatre.

Over the years, the Friends of the Regio have contributed to the realization of the following:

  • Shows and activities for young people – La Scuola all’Opera (since 2013)
  • Verdi Gala Concert (2013)
  • A new staging of La Bohème (2016)
  • Intervention on the stage mechanisms (maintenance of the safety curtain and lighting consoles, 2018)
  • The Sipari Sociali project
  • Masterclasses
  • Scholarships for young talents
  • Shows for Regio Commitment
  • Chairs for Orchestra and Conductors purchase

Becoming a Member means not only actively join the Theatre life, but also take advantage of some benefit.

Benefits valid for two people

  • Membership Card;
  • Mention on the honour pages of Foundation publications and on internet site​​​​​​
  • Logo on surtitles display at every performance;
  • Friends receive an e-newsletter containing information on the theatre and the association’s activities. It includes advance information on productions, in-depth articles and a timetable of initiatives for members;
  • Priority booking for performance and/or season tickets for the Opera and Ballet season and Concerts; 
  • Possibility to attend dress rehearsals of the shows (10€/tkt)
  • Reserved cloakroom area;
  • Reserved desk at the Opening of the Season;
  • Complimentary Opera guide (Opera and Ballet Season);
  • Complimentary Opera sheet (Opera and Ballet Season);
  • Opportunity to preview the Opera and Ballet Season at special presentation;
  • Invitation to attend Lectures of the Regio;
  • Meetings with the artists;
  • 20% discount on Regio Shop products purchase;
  • Mailing list for promotions;
  • Mailing list for invitation to special events;
  • Possibility to have dinner after the show, with a special price, at historic restaurants


Membership list

Board of Directors

Elsa Teresa Begnis Moiso  president
Delphine Geldof  vice-president
Marco Castino  secretary and treasurer
Piera Braja
Giovanni Perona
Alberto Piazza
Luigi Quaranta


Elsa Teresa Begnis Moiso
Clara e Paolo Cantarella
Maria Luisa Cosso Eynard
Gabriella e Giuseppe Ferrero 
Claudio Rotti


2A SpA 
Alessandra e Mimmo Arcidiacono 
Franca Audisio Rangoni
Giuseppe Bergesio
Agnieszka Sobocinska Bonisolli
Piera Braja Gallone
Silvia Calosso Castino
Donatella e Gian Luigi Canata
Iolanda Carrù
Gian Carlo Caselli
Marco Castino
Mariarita Catania
Gianna de Cesare Metcalfe
Sonia e Salvatore De Fazio
Annamaria Donetti Vesce in memoria di Franco Vesce
Fisio SpA - Centro Medico Lingotto 
Gabriella Forchino
Sandra e Leopoldo Furlotti
Benvenuto Gamba 
Delphine Geldof
Roberto Giacometti
Lanzi Srl
Giuseppe Lavazza
Maria Leonetti Cattaneo
Lions Club Torino Host Regio
Alessandro Mazza
Sergio Merlo
Mario Moiso
Jessica Montori
Luisa e Carlo Pavesio
Max Pellegrini
Giovanni Perona
Alberto Piazza
Giorgia Pininfarina 
Vladimiro Rambaldi
R.C.B. SRL – Moniaci Domenico
Sefar Italia Srl - Bruno Giuliani
Flo e Domenico Sindico
Studio Manenti Rayneri
Giovanni Zanetti
Silvana Zapparrata Perona

The Association is also grateful to those Members who have chosen anonymity.

Download the statute of the Friends of the Regio [IT]

Information and membership

Associazione Amici del Regio
Piazza Castello 215
10124 Torino
011 8815 216