Partner and Sponsor

The importance of your Company and the Regio together. Discover the best formula for you!

Partner and Sponsor

Dictated by such values as the excellence of Italian tradition and international vocation, businesses can place and promote their own brands, strengthen their relations in Italy and abroad, develop their social responsibility and improve their internal relations. The Teatro Regio works in close contact with companies in order to understand their objectives and provide tools in line with their strategy.

From patronage, making use of the fiscal reduction of the Art Bonus, to the sponsorship of shows on the playbill, from technical partnership to contributions going towards educational and training activities: the Teatro Regio offers various opportunities and types of partnership. Every manner of collaboration is personalized and allows companies to participate actively in the life of a great opera theatre.

The events – the inauguration of the Season and each individual opera and ballet performance – represent fundamental moments for the life of the city and our region, for various reasons, among which:

  • The media effect: thanks to the media attention that the Theatre receives, a formidable sounding board for our partners is obtained 
  • The return on corporate image that the partner benefits from by aligning itself with one of the excellences of Italian opera guarantees the effectiveness of its investment; 
  • The uniqueness of the events, which represent a culminating moment for the city, capable of outdoing the theatre itself and becoming cultural events that involve the whole community;
  • The absolute quality of the audience taking part in these occasions, from leading figures of the municipal and regional institutions to representatives of the industrial sector, from the professional ranks to the world of culture. This heterogeneous, and, at the same time, unique composition of qualified audience is one of the factors that guarantees the prestige of our events.

Opera and Ballet Season

Partner Inauguration of the Opera and Ballet Season

Partners of the inauguration of the Season choose to associate their brand with the most important moment of the year, offering their guests the city’s most elegant evening and giving their company the highest visibility.

This method has been chosen by:

Banca Intesa Sanpaolo

Partner Opera and Ballet Season

Partners of the Opera and Ballet Season embrace the entire activity of the Theatre and have the opportunity to communicate the strong alliance for the whole season and to experience the Theatre in all of its activities, planning together the most effective tools to make the most of their investment and support.

Presenting Partner and Sponsor Opera and Ballet Season

The variety of offerings of the Teatro Regio, and in particular of the Opera and Ballet Season, permits companies to choose from a number of shows, collaborating in the capacity of Presenting Partner and concentrating their activities of marketing and networking on the selected evenings

This method has been chosen by:

Gruppo Iren

La traviata by Giuseppe Verdi

Reale Mutua Assicurazioni

Rigoletto by Giuseppe Verdi


La sonnambula by Vincenzo Bellini

Partner International tours

The Teatro Regio, well-aware of the interest aroused by Italian opera all over the world, has for years invested resources and energy in tours, with considerable return in terms of reviews, audience and image. To accompany one of the world’s most important opera theatres means taking the opportunity to promote one’s business abroad in a context of high qualitative profile and with strong symbolic and institutional importance.

Partner and Sponsor Concerts Season or individual events

The Season, well articulated in its cultural proposal, will have various symphonic in-depths in the concurrent Concert Season; an offer in the round through which one can be introduced to the creative genius of the composers appearing in the bill.

Educational: the audience of the future

Partner and Sponsor Regio for Youth: School at the Opera - To the Regio with the family

The extensive programming of the Theatre for families, schools, the young and the very young, has set musical literacy as its objective, presenting the art as something fun and creating confidence with the theatrical space through programmed performances, workshops and guided tours. Supporting these projects facilitates the communication of Social Responsibility for the company and allows for focused marketing activities.

This method has been chosen by:

Amici del Regio School at the Opera
Fondazione Cosso School at the Opera
Fondazione Banca Popolare di Novara School at the Opera

Partner The Regio for everyone

The Teatro Regio, on numerous occasions, opens its doors to allow people who don’t normally have access to cultural offerings, due to economic or social difficulties, to attend performances and experience an evening at the theatre.

The Theatre has always relied on the Caritas and the most authoritative Foundations and Associations for these activities. Companies that choose to collaborate with the Theatre in these projects encourage the possibility of “living the culture” and participate in the enrichment of the community.

Partner Sipari Sociali

In 2012 in Turin was born Sipari Sociali. Teatro Regio and The Congregation of Murialdo's Giuseppini, as leader of Minor Table of the Caritas Diocesana, unite their experiences in a joint project for a coordinated social and cultural action in favour of children and teenagers between 9 and 17 years old, coming from different backgrounds, with special attention towards those who live situations of social and domestic weakness.

This method has been chosen by:

Amici del Regio Sipari Sociali
Fondazione Privata Piemontese Sipari Sociali

The Talent at Teatro Regio

As any great international theatre, the Regio gives a new opportunity: The Talent at Teatro Regio. This project allows to link your own name with a young talent at the beginning of the career, a musician of the orchestra or a singer of the chorus. The supporter will have the chance to follow directly, through meetings and public activities, the professional path of the artist, creating a direct relationship with him and letting one's support be known on the Foundation's communication media.

Technical sponsorship

Official Suppliers

Official Suppliers of the Teatro Regio have the opportunity to use a prestigious showcase to promote their products and activities. Moreover, working closely with the staff of the Theatre, the Official Suppliers can experiment with new technologies and services to improve the work of the theatre and the experience of the audience.

This method has been chosen by:

Sparea Opera and Ballet Season
Light Buffet Opening Nights
Logo Daf Elite Opera and Ballet Season
Light Buffet Opening Nights
Cantine Damilano Opera and Ballet Season
Light Buffet Opening Nights
Guido Gobino Opera and Ballet Season
Light Buffet Opening Nights
Presents to public in some dates
Lauretana Opera and Ballet Season
Light Buffet Opening Nights
Lavazza Opera and Ballet Season
Light Buffet Opening Nights

Realisation and development Archives Portal

Ricola Opera and Ballet Season
Light Buffet Opening Nights
Presents to public
Arriva Opera and Ballet Season
Official Transport
Logo Saclà Opera and Ballet Season
Light Buffet Opening Nights
Amici del Regio Masterclass
The Opera Foundation Scholarship given to young American singers
Voerziomartini Opera and Ballet Season
Light Buffet Opening Nights

Other forms of collaboration

The Teatro Regio makes available all of its professionalism and versatility to create, together with companies, forms of collaboration in line with company strategy.

This method has been chosen by:

Banca di Credito Cooperativo di Alba, Langhe e Roero S.C.

Banca di Asti

Banca Sella Ubi Banca
Buzzi Unicem Cantene
Ecopack Ferrero
Sagat Skf
Torino Outlet Village